From 2010 to 2015, my day was split between creating graphics for CityTV’s Breakfast Television and OMNI News. In addition, I designed for the promotions and commercial productions departments as well as for Punjabi Hockey Night in Canada. Below is a selection of my design work completed for OMNI Television.

USA Election Results – On-Set Monitor Loop

This on-set animated map was situated behind the News anchor and was an integral component of this OMNI News special. The map was updated as the election progressed.

BC Election – Graphics Package

This graphics package included a video-rich animated opening and an on-set monitor animation.

Package Design Diwali Treats Bag

Package Design

A label design for a small plastic bag of Balti Mix – hundreds of which were distributed during Dawali festivities in Surrey, BC

OMNI News Lohri Special

One of the graphics for OMNI News’ Lohri Special. The fire in the background was animated – a special effect created using After Effects.

CITY TV – Breakfast Television

My work for BT included creating graphics for light-hearted trivia quizzes, contests and guest segments. Below are a few of my favorite.

Colin and Justin were on BT to promote their new show Cabin Pressure. BT came up with a fun quiz for Colin and Justin to participate in called “Cottage Conflicts”.  View the video here.





Playoff Season Challenge

BT Vancouver and BT Calgary had a friendly challenge going during the playoffs in 2015. The deal was, if Vancouver won the playoffs, BT Calgary hosts would have to wear Canucks gear and yoga pants. Here is a graphic I made showing all of the BT Calgary hosts, on the beach, in yoga gear. Upon seeing this graphic, co-host Ted Henley (centre of the image) commented that he was glad there was a coffee mug in front of him in case his mother was watching! See video of the initial throw-down here.

Breakfast Television’s Halloween Special

Riaz forwarded me a photo of the Enterprise and asked me what I could do with it. So I suggested we make it a virtual set. I provided the visual components and BT’s production crew used green screens and technical wizardry to make it all work. Here is a clip from the show.

Below is a poster I made to promote the Halloween Special on social media.


Below are just a few examples of the graphics I created for Breakfast Television over the years.

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